In 2007, five years after I started interviewing local artists, the idea of interviewing international artists
came up.
It was a childhood dream coming true: talking to artists who’s songs I grew up on.
I never dreamed, when I first heard, Deep Purple’s “In Rock” album at the age of 13, that I would interview seven members of the band, or the Scorpions lead singer, the guitarists of Genesis, Yes and the Doors. Cliff Richard, Tom Jones, Julio Iglesias or Paul Anka.
The two-hour programs were broadcast every Saturday morning on The voice of Israel’s “Reshet Bet”, for over 10 years.
Most of the artists were interviewed to promote their performances in Israel.
Those who did not perform in Israel, were interviewed by phone on my initiative.
Altogether, I interviewed over 100 international artists.
I covered most of the live performances and also did short interviews with the artists, before or after the show.
These meetings were immortalized in shared photos with the artists, some of which can be seen here: