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Elie Lapid’s YouTube channel features over 350 videos that are a tribute to both the Israeli and International culture:

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All the Beginnings:

A series of programs that was broadcast for 2002 and for 15 years on The Voice of Israel’s “Bet” and “Gimel” networks. On this program, Elie Lapid interviewed close to 400 Israeli artists and over a hundred international performers, about the beginnings of their professional career.

The first international artist to be interviewed was Ian Gillan, lead singer of Deep Purple, who is undoubtedly my childhood hero. The interview that was supposed to last 20 minutes was fascinating and ultimately lasted an hour and a half

Other significant interviews of artists from the nostalgic era, include: Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka, Connie Francis, Helen Shapiro and Tom Jones. The most important interview for me, was with Cliff Richard, who spoke about his wonderful career

The project’s first single: “Yellow River”

a historical reunion of the mythical Israeli rock bands that, for the first time, united forces and recorded a song together: Uzi and the Styles, The Churchills and the Lions.

Uzi Fox, Meir Israel and Eldad Shrem from “Uzi and the Styles”. Danny Shoshan, Haim Romano and Shmulik Budgov from “The Churchills” and Haimon Algranti from “The Lions of Judea”, joined by Alon Olearchik on bass.
Along with Elie Lapid, they recorded a Hebrew version, written by Danny Sanderson, of the hit “Yellow River” by “Christie”.

The second single of the project: “Ba Aviv At Tashuvi Hazara” (You’ll Return in Spring)

Another historic reunion. The reunion of the Nahal band’s vocalists of the 1960’s: Miri Aloni, Shula Chen, Ofira Gluska, Elie Magen and Moti Fleischer, who came especially from the U.S. for this occasion and recorded for the first time in 40 years.

Together with Elie Lapid, they recorded a new Hebrew version of Charles Aznavour’s song “Au printemps tu reviendras”, with lyrics by Nahal band member Avi Koren.

This new recording features : Alona Turel, on Piano, who was the vocal instructor of the Nahal band on the program “Shemesh Bamidbar”. Arale Kaminski on Drums and percussion, who was a drummer the of the Nahal band in the late 1950’s. Elie Magen, on double bass, who was also a member of the Nahal band. They are joined by: Peter Wertheimer on saxophone and wind instruments, Amos Hadani on acoustic guitar, Tomer Kling on keyboards and Yossi Groshka on the accordion.

The third single of the project:
“The Man on the Turtle”

is a tribute to the “Lool Gang” (Shalom Hanoch, Arik Einstein, Uri Zohar, Zvi Shissel, Dori Ben Zeev, Misha Segal, the Churchills and more). The Lool gang introduced a new spirit to Israeli music of the late 1960’s.

The performers of the new version are:

Moni Moshonov – Arik’s close friend and partner in the “Totseret HaAretz” program (1985) and the film “Cables” (1992)

Dori Ben Zeev – Acted on a number of Lool sketches, including the well-known “Bible Quiz”.

Misha Segal – wrote songs for Arik Einstein, including an entire side of the album “Poozy” (1969).

Rob Huxley – the composer of the song “The Man on the Turtle”. He also Arik’s partner on the album “Children’s Songs” (1971). He also composed “Achinoam” from “Poozy”, and “Asur Levater” from the Album “Plastelina”.

Moshe Levy on keyboards, Alon Hillel on drums, Alon Olearchik on bass, Haim Romano and Shlomo Mizrahi on electric guitars:

An Interview with Elie Lapid from the radio program “Personal Questions”:

on Galey Zahal:  In June 2017, three weeks after the closure of the Israeli Broadcast Authority, Elie Lapid was interviewed on “Gali Zahal” for Yaakov Agmon’s “Personal Questions” program. In the program, Lapid spoke his feelings about the closure of the IBA, his thoughts about the future of radio in Israel and about his series of programs “All the Beginnings”, which were broadcast on the voice of Israel, as a tribute project to Israeli music

Elie Lapid’s weekly item on Idan Kveller’s “Galey Zahal” program:

each Saturday night, he presents an Israeli or international artist, who is associated with an event that happened on the same week.

For example: On “Jerusalem Day”, Elie Lapid spoke about the recording of the song “Jerusalem of gold” by Cliff Richard and Demis Roussos, as well as the song “Jerusalem” by Don McLean, that he wrote and sang especially on the occasion the Jerusalem Day

international artists greet Elie Lapid For his 15 years of working on “All the beginings:

Klaus Meina, lead singer of the Scorpions, Neil Sedaka, Helen Shapiro, Jeff Christie and Pat Boone.